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     Able Technologies, L.L.C. is a research and development company whose endeavors advance renewable, non-polluting, electrical power generation. The basis for the business is a newly patented renewable energy technology that harnesses ocean waves as a non-polluting and endless source of electric power.

     The EGWAP incorporates a specially designed, environmentally sound, hollow, noncorroding pipe (also known as a tube or container) whose total height is from the ocean floor to above the highest wave peak. The pipe is anchored securely beneath the ocean floor. When the water level in the pipe rises due to wave action, a float rises and a counterweight descends. This action will empower a main drive gear and other gearings to turn a generator to produce electricity. The mechanism also insures that either up or down movement of the float will turn the generator drive gear in the same direction. Electrical output of the generator is fed into a transmission cable. The device provides a solution and cost advantage in the production of clean renewable energy in at least eight ways:

  • There are no byproducts and there are no additional substances that must be refreshed.
  • The apparatus produces constant, not intermittent, useable electricity.
  • Applications are flexible as to size and number of units placed in a configuration or grid.
  • Harnessed power is easily connected to existing transmission lines or storage batteries.
  • It is easy to site in conjunction with wind energy conversion equipment when such energy plants are placed near shore or offshore.
  • It can be used in remote island locations and undeveloped areas that have offshore access.
  • It conserves valuable land area.
  • It is easily maintained.


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