Stanley Rutta is the President of AT. He has both a Bachelors degree and a degree in Applied Science from the Academy of Aeronautics. Mr. Rutta has had post graduate studies at the New School for Social Research, obtained an FAA license and is a member of the Society of Plastics Engineers. Mr. Rutta spent over twenty years with Honeywell and Bull HN, where he headed a research team and then was a Manager of Customer Service for National Accounts. As early as 1969, while at Honeywell, he invented, designed, tested and perfected an apparatus using keyboard technology to diagnose computer functions. This allowed computer maintenance of large computer systems like the H800, without taking the systems off-line. His invention was used by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and became an integral part of Honeywell's maintenance apparatus. Mr. Rutta also worked for such multinational corporations as Xerox, Wang Labs, and Getronics where he solved problems relating to computer and maintenance engineering. Mr. Rutta's executive experience includes founding and serving as CEO of two companies: Able Systems and A. L. Systems. For close to a decade, these companies provided software and hardware support to clients both large and small. Mr. Rutta was also responsible for initiating and obtaining the utility patent and designing the Electricity Generating Wave Pipe. He is a Principal of AT.